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Birds Without Gender Online Notebook

“Once upon a time I buried away the ghost structures of old being

and I re-emerged inside an expanded universe, in my full glory,

free of gender and full of manifestations of my own human revolution..”

(16.06.19, Birds WG)

My online notebook is an ongoing writing project.

I created it as a platform for my quest for connection, choice, awareness, freedom, truth, agency, connection, compassion, authenticity, integration, unity, harmony, alignment, healing and world peace. During this quest I intent to inspire and guide you to uncover and embody your desires, and release pain and suffering.

Birds Without Gender Online Notebook is a permission slip for the extravaganza of our very personal inner wisdom and the poetic fascinating nervousness of our very own unique earthly existence in the here and now.


Support me to maintain Birds Without Gender Online Notebook by making a donation! Even very small donations can make a difference to me and help me keep this work going!

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