If I were to describe myself, as I am right now, in 5 (long!) statements:

- I am a visionary tenacious dreamer, with a full time commitment in practicing awareness and releasing pain for the benefit of myself, for other people and for the world at large.

- I am an active member of the Soka Gakkai International organisation, a spiritual movement for empowering individuals toward personal happiness and world peace. I practice chanting Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo daily with the determination to gain deeper understanding of the respect, the authenticity and the freedom in my life, to liberate myself from any codependency patterns and to truly expand my capacity for self love, guidance and connection to others. Every day I advance a little bit more in raising my vibration, overcoming the conditionings of my childhood traumas and I come a little bit closer to my natural state of alignment and intuition. I am now living a victorious life and I put all my efforts in supporting others to do the same.

- I am a non-binary agender individual, queer, pansexual and polyamorous. 

- I am currently based in Amsterdam. When I am not traveling, my week is split between a small apartment in the city and a little garden house in nearby nature (I am not a particularly talented gardener but this is where I do some of my most enjoyable writing!).

- I love spending time in other countries and cities, giving talks, workshops, and healing sessions or simply resting, chanting, writing, reading or talking softly with my friends around the world. (So check out my facebook page for upcoming talks, workshops or sessions in your area)



Vibrational Healer

Artist & Writer

Facilitator of  Human Freedom 


Specialising in

Awareness Practice, 

Pain Release Through Imagery Healing, 

Release of Emotional Conflict ​and Vibrational Mediation ​(for individuals, groups, and teams)


Advocate for diversity and respect


Chanting for  ​​awareness, ​alignment and ​world ​peace​

Here is a bit of background on how I got some of my skills (Because most of them I got from my childhood traumas and experiences, my losses, my teachers, my students, my friends, my clients, my favourite inspiring artists and spiritual leaders, my books…in other words, outside of official training and the academies).

I finished my studies in Psychology in Greece in 2000. By 2002 I received more than 600hours of training in Dramatherapy aiming  to combine my two passions: emotional healing &growth and drama/creativity . I then developed my practice as a  drama worker and personal growth facilitator using art and drama as a medium for healing and personal growth for several years.

In the meantime I traveled a lot, living in different cities in Europe in my quest for home.  In 2007 I finished my MA in performance making in London and between 2007-2013 I made performance work, a series of pain rituals based on the reciting of text , developing a technique which I call “the channeling of the text”. These performances were part of my own process to go deeper in my personal growth, of my own process of becoming, of bereavement and acceptance, of being with "what is" (click here to access audiovisual material related to these performances). 

In 2010 I started training in different spiritual healing systems and practices (Reiki, Chakra Healing, Metamorphic Technique). My training and dedication in spiritual practices is ongoing. During my training I kept going deeper into the healing power of Reiki combined with Visualisations and Healing Imagery and I have developed a healing technique, which I call Thought Form Release Healing (TFR Healing), which is one of the basic elements of the one-to-one healing sessions and the Love Of Freedom webinars.

I am also currently deepening my practice in: 


-writing, which is for me fun, a meditation practice, a healing process, an act of freedom, a gate for creative expression, a teaching method and a way of sharing & connecting to source and to others,

-developing teaching material (talks and courses) related to the issues of diversity and authenticity.

I am focused on creating awareness about personal growth & conscious living, creativity, spirituality and the power of spiritual healing and help people go through their suffering whether physical or emotional and come out at the other end at the land of awakening, playful risk, awareness, transformation, inspiration, respect, authenticity, connection, joy, and good health. This is by no means a place where there are no obstacles. But it is a place where one can have a clear view of themselves, their lives and their own purpose. It is a place of re-discovering who we are in our authenticity and unique potential. It is amazing how much healing (physical, emotional and spiritual) we can create just by learning who we are and how to be there for ourselves. It is my conviction that with these ingredients we can create a new earth, raise the vibration of the human race, one person at a time, a new earth where peace can replace suffering, where love can replace fear, where we can apply free-will and commitment to every aspect of our lives and our identity, and where this last liberty will not have to require so much striving as it does now.

Through my work I aim to guide and encourage  myself and others through the path of rediscovering, of the raw and poetic essence of being, of source, of communicating ,of connecting, of remembering, of being terribly utterly afraid, of hoping, of believing, of trusting, of doubting, of the feeling of the emptiness, of the separation and isolation (that empty space inside us and between us), of the desperation and the desire for change, of the joy of change, of the inspiration, of the loneliness, the presence, the practice of self-love, the sense of divinity, of asking the questions, of looking constantly for something, of contentment, of the power of intimacy, of visualising that this “me” / “us” it is something, of defining, of the empowering effect of a sound, a word, an image, what makes us feel this is definitely something, the existence, that it is something to be “me”, and then it is something to be “me with you”,  this in-between space,  this is the something, this is the existence, this is the love, this is the light, this is the Healing, this the Growth, this is the Art and the Spirituality.

by Birds WG

updated 22/08/2019 at 21:41 in Amsterdam


Healing Grasp is a channel for nourishing Personal Growth, Art and Spirituality and promoting good health and well-being for body-mind-soul through holistic healing practices, energy body work and creativity.

Healing Grasp is responsible for nourishing and encouraging healing, personal growth, spiritual connection, personal knowledge and awareness, authenticity, respect, conscious living, creative exploration and expansion, compassion, freedom, transcendental experiences and meaningful, revealing and rewarding encounters with oneself and the Other.

Healing Grasp is committed to supporting the authenticity and spiritual legitimacy of people of all gender identities, sexual orientations and relationship or family structures.

Healing Grasp represents a professional contract of consciously contributing to the creation of the new earth, for peace, happiness and connection, actively empowering people to be closer to their higher, unique selves and to live meaningful rewarding lives from a place of awareness, intentionality, good health and joy.

In Healing Grasp you will find one-to-one healing sessions as well as webinars, workshops, talks, classes, courses, art projects, retreats. You will also find written material for education and for spiritual & creative inspiration/expansion​.

Living consciously, on the great length of our desires and in the great depths of our suffering, we find CHOICE and FREEDOM resting like two pearls in the centre of our existence.


Healing Grasp is a forum created by Birds WG for everyone who wishes to experience the expansion of their freedom by moving towards the direction of their authenticity, by becoming more aware of themselves, their desires, thoughts, feelings, actions & intentions and by releasing all pain, trauma and attachment/resistance to suffering.

Healing Grasp resides in the vibrational space of diversity. It seeks to empower respect and authenticity through creativity and spirituality, for the benefit of personal and collective expansion and world peace.