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Fear, Strength, And Creative Power

There is fear

that is deeply rooted in the forgotten

And amongst what is forgotten

we might find a piece of our strength

we have never learned how to use

Because of this forgotten strength

we became tough and dry

in different areas of our psyche

in different areas of our bodies

We learn how to recover our strength

by going on dangerous painful expeditions

in the deep shadowy corners of our thoughts

in the deep shadowy corners of our emotions

After that we become able to dance around with others

switching easily from leading to allowing to be led

trusting ourselves and our dance partners

to know instinctively and in perfect harmony and flow

which role to take and when.

After that our bodies’ knots begin to untie,

under the inspired influence

Of our renewed creative power.


Fear, Strength and Creative Power

Awareness Poetry by Birds WG

Inspired by the collective healing experience

on the 22nd of June 2020,

during the Love Of Freedom Webinar on Releasing Fear

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