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I started  these webinars in 2018 with the idea to contribute to the effort to release as much suffering as possible. I started by focusing on a different vibration every month (things like self-doubt, disappointment, fear etc). 

Then in March 2020 when the whole global crisis hit and intense fear spread around the world, I started to give the LOF webinars daily and I focused them exclusively on fear. Since then, the LOF webinar, even though they gradually reduced in  frequency, they stayed focused on fear . The webinars are now weekly (with the exception of very few weeks when I am on holidays or writing retreats, which I announce on my newsletters and I post also here (see below).


All division is based on fear. 

All violence is generated by fear.

All pain and suffering is about disconnection, all disconnection is caused by fear. 

All resistance is fear.

All attachment is fear.

It is time to work with determination to heal our fear related suffering.

During each webinar:

- I explain different resistance-attachment dynamics relative to fear,

- I perform a group energy healing using  Reiki and Imagery Healing to collectively release resistance to fear related suffering, transforming the pain associated with it. 

Join me every Tuesday  at 20:00 (GMT+1) by clicking on this link


Upcoming Holidays: 24th of December 2021- 3rd of January 2022

"As we are releasing our own suffering,

we are at the same time releasing suffering for everyone and everything in this world."

As we are raising our awareness and vibration we are reinforcing and empowering our inherent capacity to love & create & experience our own freedom, to change & embrace authentically our full potential in life.. and as we are doing this we are raising vibration and awareness for the benefit of the expansion of the whole universe. 

Webinars are always live and last approx. 50-60min.

No prior registration is required.

Webinars are free.

Donations are optional and very welcome :) They always feel warm and supportive and they help me keep the webinars going. You can donate any amount, no matter how small or big at any time throughout the year.   


  • The webinars start on time. Please make sure before hand that your device works well with zoom. You can join a test Zoom meeting to familiarise yourself with the Zoom and test your microphone/speakers before joining a Zoom meeting:


  • The microphones of participants will be muted during the collective energy healing. If you arrive late and your microphone is muted and everybody is with their eyes closed, please get comfortable, close your eyes and be open to receive the healing.


All webinars are recorded for research purposes. Video recordings or audio recordings with the voice of the participants will not be displayed publicly (if this were to happen it would be with the explicit consent of the participants). Material presented in the webinar, content of the collective healing sessions as well audio extracts with my own voice can and might be reproduced as a means to share information that can be beneficial to others and to promote events by in the future.

Any public display of this material will always be strictly anonymous. 


At the end of every webinar, I might make drawings of the thought form/forms released during the session, a copy of which you can always take with you. I also keep a copy of these drawings. By attending a webinar you agree to the release, publication, exhibition, or reproduction of those drawings to be used in any broadcast, transmission, and publishing media (websites, articles and books included), as a means to share information that can be beneficial to others and to promote events by in the future. Any public display of those drawings in any of the above mentioned ways will always be strictly anonymous. 

Love Of Freedom
free webinars

  • harnessing the multiplying effect of group healing 

  • going deeper into the shared consciousness of all humans, transforming fear related ailments

  • liberating humanity from pain and suffering

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