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Love Of Freedom

Healing Workshop


are you ready to discover what your own freedom looks like?

Love of Freedom (LOF) is a dive into the experience of healing. 

A big part of healing is the experience of allowing change to take place.

Change is the process of releasing resistance while moving towards fulfilling your desires.  

The natural result and purpose of this process is always expansion (not only your personal expansion but also the expansion of the universe).

During a Love Of Freedom workshop we will surrender into the process of change for a whole day by using the tools of practicing awareness and releasing resistance ( with the use of TFR Healing) with the objective to: 

 1) identify the answer to the two most important questions when it comes to healing ("what are you suffering from?" 

 and "what is it that you want?"), and create as much awareness as possible around these answers.

2) explore everyday actions for alignment (specific to yourself and your life) that will empower your ability to love your own freedom and to move towards the direction of your desires. 

3) identify and release resistance to change 

Going through this process in group is a rich healing experience that is hugely empowered by the great forces of unity, multiplying the healing effect on every person by the number of participants.

This workshop is for everybody who wants to embrace their own personal freedom

by embracing their own potential for change and expansion. 


After participating at a LOF workshop you will experience some or all of the following benefits:

awareness about your body, life & relationships,

focus, clarity, connection to others,

relief from negative emotion, relief from pain, improvement in relation to an illness,

inspiration and creative flow,

 connection with how you feel,

improvement in your ability to be there with yourself no matter what 

improvement in your ability to identify and communicate your needs

improvement in your ability to identify and communicate you boundaries

improvement in your ability to visualise the future that you want and to move with determined actions towards it 

improvement at the area of your life where you experience suffering or lack of luck,

flow of desirable manifestations in your life (things improving at work or relationships, meeting someone, etc),



Also make sure you are one of the first people

to find out about the next LOF workshop near your city or town

by subscribing to my mailing list below or by following my facebook page (also below) 

it is part of my mission to have LOF workshops reach  to every person at every corner of the world. Please feel free to contact me, if you are an organisation or healing centre and you are interested in hosting a Love Of Freedom workshop at your location. 




practical information about LOF workshops


This is a one day workshop (with one hour lunch break and smaller tea breaks)

Maximum participants 12

LOF workshops can be given in English, Spanish and Greek

Price 180euros (early bird 150euros, applicable also for people attending their second time, or third or more)

preparation for LOF workshops


I have created this workshop because  I wanted to offer to people an empowering, solid healing experience that will change the course of their lives, a healing experience that will be a big stepping stone in the direction of their own freedom, happiness and

well-being. I have made a strong determination that Love Of Freedom workshops will help people around the world to improve their lives. I have made a strong determination that each Love Of Freedom workshop will be a healing blast!

For this reason, as part of my preparation, for the seven days before each workshop I dedicate one hour a day chanting for the success of the workshop and for each participant to truly discover their own Love Of Freedom and become aligned with who they truly are, for their own benefit and for the benefit of the world. (Participants can, if they want to, join me in this practice with their own practice of meditation or chanting. Times for this preparation practice will be announced to each participant upon subscription to a workshop.


Payments for reserving a spot at a LOF workshop are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

Payments for reserving a spot at a LOF workshop are fully refundable in the case that either the facilitator or host cancel the event.


At the end of every workshop, I make a drawing of the thought form released during the workshop, a copy of which each participant takes with them. I also keep a copy of these drawings. By attending a LOF workshop, you agree to the release, publication, exhibition, or reproduction of those drawings to be used in any broadcast, transmission, and publishing media (websites, articles and books included), as a means to share information that can be beneficial to others and to promote events by Healing Grasp in the future. Any public display of those drawings in any of the above mentioned ways will always be strictly anonymous. Drawings in public display (including the drawings on LOF posters) might come from my own self healing sessions, or a one-to-one healing session or a previous LOF workshop and their particular source will never be  either revealed or implied by Healing Grasp.

 Download your Love Of Freedom POSTER here for free
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