Some years ago I discovered that if you combine energy healing work with a practice that helps you to get to know who you are, you can really change your life around. After only two years in my spiritual path and training in energy healing my health improved significantly, my relationships reached new level of connection and joy, and my every day life became creative and stress-free. I began to be healthy and happy.

I cannot imagine a life where I do not get to share this amazing revelation and the tools with which other people can also improve their relationships, their health, their lives. For this reason I am putting all my efforts to support each one of you to become happier. 

You can experience the benefits of combining awareness and energy healing in my one-to-one healing sessions. Already with one session you can feel your life state lifting, your health improving, and other aspects of your life such as relationships and work becoming more promising. Although one session can be a great taster of the power of awareness+healing and it can help you out a lot,  a series of sessions for a longer period of time will be more advisable if you want to go deeper into the transformation of your life. Most of our pain and suffering has been building up for years and it might take some time to transform it.

You can also try one of the free  Love Of Freedom webinars where you can have a collective experience of the healing benefits of the awareness+healing dynamic. These online webinars are also an opportunity to receive a healing on behalf of all humanity. (Yes, it does work that way. We are all connected to more levels that we think we are.) 


I am not only interested in providing healing. I want to teach you how to do this yourself. There are some very effective tools anyone can learn really easy and fast and with very small financial cost. 

There are of course the free stuff you can already do on your own like writing (you will be amazed how transformative it can be if you write down your thoughts and feelings daily), chanting (try, for example, to chant along with this every day and expect miracles) or meditating.

But if you are anything like I was in the past, you might find it too overwhelming to start a spiritual energy healing practice on your own. The next best thing, in terms of simplicity and affordability, would be a reiki course. My first reiki master called reiki "the spirituality of the lazy" to point out how easy and simple it is. You can learn it in just a couple of days. You can use it for a life time. It can create deep healing: from physical ailments & addictions to emotional discomfort & relationship problems.


I have also created talks and seminars  with the aim:


- to teach some very simple tips and healing tools which have saved me and many of my clients from a lot of physical and emotional discomfort and have proven to be life changing. To learn how to use these tips and tools creates empowerment, responsibility and a sense of agency when it comes to our own health (physical, emotional, mental and /or spiritual),

-to teach the world everything there is to know about diversity and authenticity. There is a very powerful spiritual reason for the world to be busy with issues of diversity at the moment. And the reason is that there is a collective demand right now for authenticity, integration and an increasing collective desire to create a world that is safe and respectful to everyone. Those are important ingredients for happiness and world peace. 


You can attend one of open talks and seminars on Practicing Self-Healing and the Vibration of Diversity.

You can also contact me if you are an organisation or business interested  to organise a customised talk or seminar  for the benefit of your stuff members and colleagues. 

Talks & Seminars:


Create harmony and integration by acquiring new  skills and expanding your perspective!

(For individuals and organisations)


I created this notebook as a platform for my quest for connection, choice, awareness, freedom, truth, agency, connection, compassion, authenticity, integration, unity, harmony, alignment, healing and world peace...(read more)

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"I feel happier and healthier than I have ever been in my life. The healing sessions gave me the tools to develop mechanisms to support, respect and celebrate who I really am."​

—  A.K., Germany