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We are made of energy. Energy flows and it vibrates differently according to the pace and rhythm to which it flows. Its vibration creates everything that is. It creates life (our body), thoughts, emotions, images, physical objects, relationships, situations. It is our vital life force. Our sense of freedom in our lives depends on the unobstructed freedom with which this energy flows in us. The less obstructed the flow of this energy is, the higher its vibration  and the more freedom we have in our lives to enjoy and create the things that we want, for the benefit of ourselves and those around us. This is the definition of good holistic health. 

Some of the things that can obstruct the flow of our vital life force energy and lower our vibration are: ancestral trauma, childhood trauma, limiting thoughts & believes, dysfunctional relationships, negative emotions, pain, inner conflict, collective conflict, codependency, self-hate, low self-worth, lack of self-awareness, habits and behaviours that promote disconnection. 

In my work as a healer, vibrational consultant, writer and artist I dedicate my efforts in guiding people on how to identify and heal what obstructs the flow of their vital life force and help them raise their vibration and improve their lives.

You can contact me if you are someone who wants to overcome a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual obstacle, if you want to improve your knowledge about yourself, improve your relationships, your work and financial situation, or your health.

You can contact me if you are a group, organisation or business interested in overcoming an obstacle in the development of a creative project, if you want to gain awareness and improve communication and collaboration within your group, business or organisation, or organise a customised talk or seminar  for the benefit of your stuff members and colleagues. 

You can also contact me if you want my contribution to a writing project.


"I feel happier and healthier than I have ever been in my life. The healing sessions gave me the tools to develop mechanisms to support, respect and celebrate who I really am."​

—  A.K., Germany

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