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I read somewhere that you can sometimes give up on some days. That some days are fucked beyond repair. This is the form of surrendering I want for myself.  It is empowering. To stand still and just breath it out. Then I get to watch me survive. A few days ago I picked up a card with the phrase "my vulnerability is a strength” on it. It spoke to me but I did not fully get it. Now I get it. On a day where one of my worst triggers played out. I have authority issues. The authority of people who can do whatever they want with your body for your own good (like parents when you are young and doctors at all ages) scares the shit out of me. Then I had anxiety for hours. I had a whole day planned out, creative, productive. But I had too much anxiety for it. A day fucked beyond repair. Ok then. I made a commitment to try to achieve nothing today. Just survive it. It was not even extreme self-care. Just some noodles with vegetables. A blanket around me. I was there for me.  

/   we do not need guilt

I used to think guilt was useful. That it helped keep in check our tendencies to be unfair or violent; that it  kept our anger in check and held us back from committing crimes.​  But the truth is more likely that if we based our connection and togetherness on guilt as a value we would  be (as we are) generating more violence than the one we would be trying to avoid. This is the most enlightening way to investigate this: every time we are feeling angry towards someone or we are blaming somebody for something we can look into it: How are we feeling guilty relative to the situation? How would it affect our anger if guilt was out of the way?

/   after a Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera exhibition

We can, and maybe we must take the pain of relationships for granted and celebrate as victories all our attempts to navigate through them with  integrity, authenticity and compassion, even when those attempts appear to be completely unsuccessful. 

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Birds WG is a healer, a writer, and a performance artist .


Some of the practices that have and continue to inform my work: Reiki, Healing with Images & Words, Homeopathy, Dramatherapy, Psychology, Performance Making, Nichiren Buddhism.

I am a queer, non-binary, agender individual, who practices consensual non-monogamy &  intentional trauma informed communication and conscious dialogue.

You can contact me if you are someone who wants to overcome a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual obstacle, if you want to improve your knowledge about yourself, improve your relationships, your work and financial situation, or your health.

You can contact me if you are a group, organisation or business interested in overcoming an obstacle in the development of a creative project, if you want to gain awareness and improve communication, collaboration, and inclusivity within your group, business or organisation, or organise a customised talk or seminar  for the benefit of your stuff members and colleagues. 

You can also contact me if you want my contribution to a writing project.

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