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Reiki is a Japanese healing method of transferring cosmic energy through the hands. It is the natural healing power of “energy vibrating to its highest level”. 


You can use reiki to heal physical, emotional and mental ailments (physical pain, chronic illness, stress, anxiety, fears, addictions, sadness, emotional distress due to relationship problems or problems with work and money, burn out, depression etc.)

One of the ways to benefit from Reiki is to receive one or more healing sessions from a Reiki practitioner.

The other way - which is even more powerful and can change your life - is by being initiated into becoming a channel for Reiki yourself, being able to give Reiki and heal yourself and others.

This is what the different levels/courses are about. There is a growth process with Reiki that progresses in stages (levels).

With every level you gain access to more awareness, inner wisdom, connection, energy flow and healing potential. 


These are the different levels /courses of Reiki:

REIKI LEVEL I : With this level you will be able to give Reiki "hands on", both to yourself and others.

REIKI LEVEL II : Reiki II can be used to send Reiki long distance or to the past and to the future and to protect people, situations, places and objects.

REIKI LEVEL III: This is where you really deepen your spiritual healing practice and reiki becomes inner knowledge.

REIKI MASTER LEVEL: This level enables the Reiki student to become a Reiki master and transmit the teachings and initiation of others.

There are more than 30 different types of Reiki. (I teach the traditional USUI SHIKI RYOHO REIKI.)

You can always contact me for more information on Reiki and the different levels/courses.

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