Talks & Seminars For Agency,Respect and Well-being

by Birds WG

I have developed two talks/seminars, on two different topics:  

1) How to understand diversity in everyday life, how to decode its meaning and contribution to a more inclusive, respectful and harmonious world. 

2) How to practice self-healing in everyday life and enjoy a more intentional/fulfilling physical, emotional, mental and spiritual experience of life.


During this talks and seminars my intention is to  teach, coach and share information & tools, inspire dialogue & awareness and educate on issues that I consider important for personal and collective awakening, authenticity, integration, agency, and respect. They are designed to contribute to your personal happiness and well-being as well as to unite us in an effort for collective happiness, harmony, creativity and world peace by

  • increasing your sense of agency over your life

  • supporting you towards living more consciously and more intentionally with respect to your own truth and the truth of others

  • offering you skills & tools that you can use to improve your life and the lives of others in terms of work, health and relationships

The topic of the talks together with dates & locations will always be announced on this website and  on my facebook page .

 You can also subscribe on my website to receive monthly updates on upcoming open talks and seminars.  

If you are an organisation, association  or business interested in hosting one of my talks for the benefit of your employees  or your clients you can contact me through my email or my facebook page.

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"The Vibration Of Diversity"

about exploring the spiritual meaning of diversity and its contribution to humanity..

about understanding the essentials of diversity regarding sexual orientation, gender identities and diverse relationship structures..

about how to use this understanding in our personal and professional interactions with people who belong in the wide spectrum of the rainbow community..

Particularly beneficial for therapists, healers, coaches, teachers, parents, managers, and everyone else!



"The Practice of Self-Healing"

about finding out how self-healing works and what benefits it can bring to your life (physical and emotional health, work, relationships)..

about how we can use images and visualisation healing tools to release and heal physical, emotional, mental and spiritual pain..