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One-To-One Healing Sessions

(Awareness+Energy Healing)

overcome your suffering & move towards the direction of your desires

What will the sessions offer you:
  • relief from physical symptoms, pain and emotional distress
  • better spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health
  • awareness about yourself & your life: your body, your emotions, your thoughts, your beliefs, your relationships​. This awareness will then help you make clearer choices and will enable you to have a healthier more satisfactory life and more fulfilling relationships. This vibrational change will activate positive manifestations in your life and will improve your health.
How do the sessions work:
The first part of the session is focused on awareness, in understanding all the contributing factors around this which you are suffering from and this which you desire, what you want to have in your life. We will talk about it and we might work with some therapeutic/creative tools, visualisations or spiritual meditations that enhance or create awareness. For the second part of the session I will perform an energy healing with Reiki and Visualizations, with the aim to release resistance and enable further spiritual expansion and more awareness. This part has a very powerful healing effect on its own! Then for the last part of the session I will give you feedback on what went on during the energy healing and I will most likely give you some homework as well ;)

Thought Form released during

a healing session

description: During this session you will experience a full combination of awareness practice combined with energy healing! This session is designed for  
  • people want to increase their awareness about themselves and their lives by overcoming a specific problem or difficulty they experience on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level 
  • people who want to connect with their authenticity and their life purpose by going towards the direction of their desires 
duration: approx. 75-90 minutes
online: sessions are  given online (via zoom, skype, messenger etc)​
on location: sessions can be given at 
-TACA, Willem De Zwijgerlaan 69, 1056JG Amsterdam
-your own home
-at different locations during my stays in other cities (please check on my facebook page)
prices online: 90 euros per session
OR prepay 3 sessions for 240 euros for weekly or biweekly sessions
prices on location: 100 euros per session
(Please note that travel costs may apply for home visits)

Thought Form released during

a healing session

description: During this session you will experience vibrational/energy healing with less focus on awareness practice. This session is designed for
  • people who are already in some other type of awareness practice (ie psychotherapy) and they are looking to complement it with energy healing work
  • people who cannot or do not want at this moment in time (for whatever reason) to go deeper into awareness practice but they do want to start opening themselves up to healing, start releasing their suffering and improving their lives 
duration: approx. 40-45 minutes
online only: sessions are  given online (via zoom, skype, messenger etc)​
price: 60 euros per session
  • If you have not worked with me before we will always have a first contact through Skype, messenger or phone for a  20min conversation (commitment free).

  • All sessions are paid upon booking (within 24 hours from the time you reserve the session), unless otherwise arranged. Bookings are only confirmed after payment has come through. Bookings are automatically cancelled if payment has not been made within 24 hours. If you are not sure of how long it will take for your payment to come through, please send an email with confirmation of payment to guarantee your booking.

  • Bookings are nonrefundable but they are transferable (to another date/time or to another person). 

      Please note that for cancellations of sessions on location after the room is booked the sessions are transferable for free to          an online session or extra costs will apply for rebooking the room on another date or time.

  • For cancellations within 24 hours prior to the session bookings are non­refundable and nontransferable.



At the end of every session, I might make drawings of the thought-form/forms released during the session, as well as write an awareness-poem inspired by the thought-form, copies of which you can also receive by email after the session. I also keep a copy of these drawings and poems. By booking and attending a session you agree to the release, publication, exhibition, or reproduction of both drawings and poems to be used in any broadcast, transmission, and publishing media (websites, articles and books included), as a means to share information that can be beneficial to others and to promote events by in the future. Any public display of those drawings in any of the above mentioned ways will always be strictly anonymous. 


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