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Self-Healing Workshops
We are living in an era of massive expansion when we are called to come into our power, come in alignment with our truth and authenticity and change not only our lives but the whole world. By living consciously and intentionally and by becoming happy we are contributing to world peace and a healthy planet! 
Part of the process of coming into this power is to start listening what our emotions and our bodies are telling us and start taking action upon the wisdom that comes as a result of listening!
It is part of my life mission to go deep into this process and share this with you! This is the process of awareness that leads to respect and freedom! It is the process of self-love, which is the only way to happiness and world peace!
These healing workshops are designed to teach you:
a) how to listen to your body, your thoughts and your emotions
b) how to take action on the knowledge/wisdom that you have acquired by listening
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