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free lecture followed by questions & answers
 What is energy healing work?
What is spiritual healing?
How can healing help me with my life?
How can healing help me with my health?
How can healing help me with my relationships?
Is it true that I can create the life that I want?
Can healing help me with physical problems?

Those are the type of questions you can ask during a Q&A Healing Connection.

During a Q&A Healing Connection I give a very small introduction on the subject of healing and then for the biggest part of the lecture I answer your questions.

I wanted to create an event where people can get as much information as possible about what healing is and how it can help them.

At the same time I wanted to create an event where people could connect to me and learn about my work for free. This way, you get the chance to see if my work resonates with you before considering booking a session or coming to one of my workshops. 

During this event I am focusing more in dialogue and the questions & answers section is the most important part of it. This is because it is not my intention to bombard you with information. Rather, I aim to inspire you and fire up your curiosity about the unlimited potential of your own physical existence, the unlimited potential of your own life, and the unlimited potential of the relationship between you and everything else that exists in the universe.



find out about the next Q&A Healing Connection near your city or town

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I have the intention to tour this lecture around the world and to reach as many people as possible,

just as with the Love Of Freedom workshops. 

Please feel free to contact me, if you are an organisation or healing centre and you are

interested in hosting a Q&A Healing Connection at your location. 


practical information about Q&A Healing Connection lectures


duration 90minutes

free event

Depending on the space limitations of each venue, reservations in advance might be required.

Please check on the announcement  information of each separate event.

Q&A Healing Connection lectures can be given in English, Spanish or Greek


By attending this event, you agree to be photographed and/or recorded in audio or video and that the release, publication, exhibition, or reproduction of that material can be used in any broadcast, transmission, and publishing media (websites included), as a means to highlight the event, share information that can be beneficial to others and to promote events by Healing Grasp in the future.

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