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Spiritual Collective Diagnostics of The Coronavirus

The coronavirus has shaken us through the turbulence of unsettling vibrational frequencies. First came the fear, spreading around the globe, accompanied by the request for protection by those in a position of power (power in terms of knowledge and in terms of the authority to make decisions). The whole humanity succumbed to the tension of powerlessness between the threat of what was perceived as a deadly virus and the surrendering to the debatable reliability of science and government.

From a spiritual point of view fear is rooted in the physical dimension as a tool for survival. So far, as a species, we have not learned to master this tool in a way that it does not drive us straight into the arms of powerlessness. Children experience such powerlessness as they are totally dependable on their parents, with parents, caretakers (or the state, if there is nobody else around) in the position of power. Whether parents and caretakers will abuse this power or not, will depend both on the stage of their own spiritual evolution and on the stage of the spiritual evolution of the collective consciousness. There is always a balance of power in the world. Its distribution guarantees that power always maintains its homeostasis. When enormous amounts of power are lost by an enormous number of people (like in the case of the coronavirus), what is left goes to those who are able or willing to grasp it. Again whether they abuse it or not, will depend both on the stage of their own spiritual evolution and on the stage of the spiritual evolution of the collective consciousness.

This is significant from a spiritual perspective because it is a manifestation of what is going on for people at this moment, both on a personal and on a collective level. It is clear that we have already opened up to the energies of the heart chakra: acceptance, love, compassion. This process of expansion started in the 60s with the love movement and sexual revolution. With the arrival of the new millennium, and the inevitable shift in collective consciousness in 2012, a collective request has been placed for opening up to the even higher energies of the throat chakra: authenticity, expression of personal truth, integrity.

Despite this spiritual progress, there are still issues related to the three lower chakras (root, sacral and solar plexus) that remain unresolved, issues that are directly involved in the “fear vs power” dynamic I described above, and which are responsible for a type of survival that is blind: without conscious choice, commitment or integrity. This is why, for example, we get so attached to blaming others when something goes wrong in our lives or in the world, instead of taking responsibility and action in alignment with our desired outcome. Without clear resolution regarding the unresolved survival issues of the lower chakras we cannot move forward.

It is clear that we are now at a point where resolution and expansion are possible but at the same time there is resistance.And because all that is manifested in this physical realm is by default manifested under a state of separation, this resistance is manifested in the form of a conflict: part of the population is now owning fear, willing to disown power and leave power to those who can handle it. Another part is willing to own power, disown fear and leave fear to those who can handle it.This second part of the population is undergoing a further split between those who are seeking empowerment and those who are seeking to abuse power by turning it into more authority and control. Further more, these splits are manifestations and reflections of the micro-dynamics and conflicts in personal relationships and within each individual.

To resolve those issues and collectively raise our vibration to the energies of acceptance, compassion, love, authenticity, integrity, and expression of personal truth, and be able to enjoy the benefits of that expansion, we need to start with ourselves by asking some very important questions relative to relationships.This process needs to take place individually, a requirement that guarantees a relatively slow transition.

These are some of the questions I am inviting you to consider in this process: -How safe, awkward, authentic do I feel in the presence of others? -What I have just said to this person, is it true? -Am I ashamed of my needs? -Where does everything I feel entitled to come from? -How does my body feel in the presence of this person? And most importantly: How do the dynamics of power play out in my personal relationships and how can I connect to others outside of those dynamics of power?

Once we begin to ask ourselves these questions we are halfway to getting out of the coronavirus crisis in a victorious way.


Text by Birds WG

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