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Do We Still Need Borders?

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

A few weeks ago a civilian airplane was taken down in Iran by two military missiles.

In what surreal reality were these missiles being fired? At this day and age why do we need military equipment, why do we need to produce anything that is made for the exclusive purpose of killing?

On the other hand, bodies have defence mechanisms. Everything alive has a defence mechanism. Why should countries not have a defence mechanism?

There is personal karma and there is also such a thing as collective karma.

People have their own personal karma to overcome, which is why (and how) each of us embodies a different perspective. We belong into groups (families, communities, countries) as a way to work through collective karma (which is the why and the how we are all crammed on this planet in the first place).

The more awareness the more conscious choice over which collective we belong in.

We see this in personal development. We are born or given into a family with little conscious choice from our part (there is of course a type of choice involved but it is not conscious, in the sense that the mind is not involved in it). Then we grow up and we chose/create a new family, a new constellation. The earlier in history the less conscious this choice.

(My personal definition of whether a society is developing or not, starts here).

Sometimes I say I believe in globalisation and even more in the abolishment of borders (and therefore the abolishment of the concept of separate countries) and my friends protest :

-either because they feel I am threatening their belonging in an ethnic group and therefore their opportunity to expand by working through the issues of the collective karma of the particular ethnicity,

-or because they feel I am attempting to bypass, ignore, undermine the importance of collective karma, as an ongoing reality, and the necessity of it to manifest in the form of countries (legal ethnic groups).

I want to do neither but I might not be able to avoid doing both. I hope I can demonstrate some really valid reasons for doing so.

As an advocate of peace I feel it in my heart that what I call Label Separation must eventually cease from this planet. Label separation requires people to fit a particular description in order to be able to enjoy the benefits or ailments that the label deserves. The more established and /or fragile the label, the more strict its requirements.

Label separation is to my opinion the worst type of separation. It is to be blamed for a number of sufferings:

-people being attributed or deprived of rights according to label (ie less civil rights for gay or trans people, immigrants judged as legal or illegal according to their country of origin )

-people adjusting their desires to fit a label (ie women in many countries having children because it is in their role and not because they have ever asked themselves the question of whether they want to or not)

-people experiencing a non-conscious, false sense of belonging by means of hating the people falling under a different label (very popular amongst ethnicities, religious groups and football fans)

The reason behind the unavoidable consequences of Label Separation is the fact that Label Separation is by its nature designed to provide a sense of safety, and as such, it is, again unavoidably, well-established, rigid, and unquestionable, which means, it is resistant to all transformation and scares easily.

I have not studied economy or politics (or any other of the legitimate and respectable truth-teller sciences), and I can lose many debates on the basis of my ignorance? innocence? But for more than 25 years I have studied the human psyche, both via the legitimate/ academic route and the more alternative & spiritual one, and in my experience and in my heart I find the following to be a very simple truth:

We are scared to loosen the edges of our borders because we are scared of finding a way to belong together or apart by means of our desires.

(We do this in our day to day relationship structures and we do it also macro-politically in our national structures and politics. It is one and the same. It is the fear of The Other. The Other being primarily big parts of ourselves that we are unaware of.)

This is more or less my thought process behind my decision to join the voices that say we do not need borders any more, knowing that for as long as there is a group of voices that stands in favour of borders, I will take the hint and work to make myself aware of the dormant parts inside me that need a sense of safety, however false, and find a way to care for those parts of me and acknowledge them and value them (quite honestly I never have and it is about time). Accordingly I am inclined to try and find it in me to acknowledge and value the other voices (the pro borders) for their contribution to the collective truth. Because for as long as we have borders, it means that we need them. There is going to be a clear sign when we do not need borders: We will not have them anymore.

In the meantime I am happy to side with the part of the community that believes we do not need them, mainly because that suits better the desires of my conscious heart and my vision for the future of humanity (I take mine without military forces please). If we all play our part according to the indications of our conscious heart, we will get somewhere eventually, even if we have no idea where that is.

Sometime soon I will write a bit more about the Conscious Heart :)


Text by Birds WG

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