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Biochemistry In The Service of Spirituality

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

At the beginning there was desire. Desire is not a three dimensional entity. It is not generated in this dimension down here on earth. Desire is a purely spiritual force. It lives outside of this world but its energy is pointed towards the earth. It does not bring the correspondence, it is not the postman, it is the correspondence itself. The postman is the thought (every thought, any thought, all thoughts). Thought is a double agent working in this dimension and all the others, it slides from dimension to dimension and carries the correspondence. Are they efficient? (Not always). Do they ever bring you the wrong mail? (Yes, sometimes they do). Mostly because they are not entities of great integrity, they are susceptible to all sort of influences and they linger to chat here and there, they get distracted by obstacles and they want to have an opinion on the content of your mail. First of all, they seem to find your childhood trauma fascinating and they are very easily manipulated by it! Second of all, be assured that they have already read your letter. Then they like to make judgment calls on how they will deliver it to you (often influenced by the little chats they have with your trauma). And they never deliver the letter to you personally. They deliver it to your secretary: your physical body, primarily your biochemistry, that is, all the chemical and biological activity in your body (enzymes, proteins, hormones etc), which manifests in sensations, emotions or symptoms). Whether you will be present or not at the moment of delivery it is up to you: that is why we keep advising awareness and conscious presence in all shapes and forms…because it makes it possible for you to be there when the postman (thoughts) deliver the mail (desire) to your secretary (biochemistry). Because the secretary will take the already open envelopes and will translate all content before giving it to you. You will receive the content in the form of emotions and you will be expected to act upon it. If you don’t act upon it within a logical period of time ( it is a relatively short window of time), here is what happens: Desires will keep sending you their messages. Their mission is to be manifested in this dimension and they won’t stop until they are. The postman (thoughts) will keep bringing letters to your secretary (biochemistry). The secretary will be overloaded (and pissed) and will start nagging you (physical symptoms). Eventually if you do not comply, your secretary will start cancelling your work appointments and dinner parties and you will have to stay in bed sick.

There are some things you can do to facilitate this process:

1) Take your secretary seriously! Start listening to your secretary, get to know them and develop a good relationship with them (emotions and physical symptoms). Listen!

2) Be there when the postman delivers the letters (meditation, chanting, physical exercise, writing, energy healing, psychotherapy, techniques that help you question your thoughts, such as Byron Katie’s technique called The Work), supervise the translation, talk to the postman (thoughts), get to know them: they have met the sender (desires) and the quality of the message you receive depends on them (find out how cheeky, manipulative, impulsive or obsessive they can be, or if they have been talking to your childhood trauma on the way and have already been manipulated into changing the content of your letter!).

3) Deepen your spiritual connection to get revelations about the actual nature of your desires. Find ways to get your eyes and ears up there! Explore your spiritual connection. Read books about spirituality, check out stuff online, take classes/ workshops/sessions.

Keep in mind that taking up practices such as meditation, chanting and energy healing can help with all three of those courses of action. This is because learning how to be present with ourselves at any given moment is the basic ingredient for our well-being in this life. Also keep in mind that the more perspectives you get, through a combination of different practices, the better understanding you can get about the complex interaction between your desires, your thoughts and your biochemistry. Ultimately this interaction has a direct impact on the quality of your life, health and happiness.


Text by Birds WG

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