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A Vibrational Diagnosis Of A Headache And An Intuitive-Action-Based Healing Experience

I have been experiencing some not too intense, yet persistent headaches for a week now. I was treating it with healing sessions (reiki and visualisations), which worked but only for a couple of hours and then it was back again.

During the healing I was getting the following insight “there is some spiritual connection/expansion required”.

The message was specific because it showed me what the issue was but also really vague in the sense that it did not point me towards any action further than chanting more, which I started doing and increased my chanting time, but I needed something more and did not know what it was.

In the meantime I was overwhelmed by having to travel to Greece to stay there for a relatively longe period of time.

(Travel preparations tend to overwhelm me and going back to the place I was raised is always an added bonus to that overwhelmingness.)

To further remedy my headache, I have been trying to be as present as I could, listen to my emotions, respect them, follow the needs of my body and be very careful with my boundaries, which is not easy, but it is crucial with headaches and I already knew that.

I also knew that this level of self-care was the answer and it would lead me to the bigger answer regarding spiritual connection/expansion.

(This is a very important aspect of healing, which makes it look like genuine detective work: you follow the clues until you get a breakthrough.)

Of course, as you can imagine, this is a process full of self-doubt and a real training exercise for intuitive action.

Yesterday was my first day in Greece, and the headache was in its full glory.

(Most of us know how boundaries and families don’t work together very smoothly.)

I chanted for 30 minutes in the early evening and it went away completely and I also got a high from experiencing how spiritual connection was indeed releasing the headache.

It came back after a couple of hours and then I decided to go to bed.

People who know me well, they know that I very often sleep with Dauchsy’s sleep meditations.

(I find these on youtube.)

They are very beneficial and they complement my own healing practice really well.

For the whole month of October I was listening to the one about Self-Love, which was a true healing treat and a big revelation.

(I strongly believe that self-love is at the centre of every suffering and it should be the core focus of all healing.)

But working on self-love can be very intense because it is very transformative and at some point towards the end of the month my body was creating resistance, I felt symptoms of a cold coming in, and I realised I needed a break to digest all changes and let them settle.

It felt appropriate to stop listening to the Self-Love meditation and start listening to the Heal While You Sleep meditation for a while, then take a complete break with no sleep meditations and then go back to Self-Love.

So I did the Heal meditation and then the break for a few days, and last night when I went to bed I felt it was time to start again.

My mind was strongly insisting I should follow my plan and go back to Self-Love. But it felt boring.

I got an intense craving for something new.

I saw that there was one on Life-Force, which looked exciting.

My mind made a whole fuss that I shouldn’t be the kind of person who follows excitement and has no discipline, and how I should stick with Self-Love because I knew that this is the core of all healing etc.

But there was a tickling in my stomach by only looking at the video on Life Force, so I let the mind buzz away and followed the excitement.

I was only a few seconds into it and I knew it was the right thing.

(It is crucial to let the mind buzz away on our side and not shut it up, because if what we have chosen to do does not feel right, we can then consider what the mind is is not always in the wrong when it protests, even thought its reasonings most likely are).

It turned out this meditation was exactly this something more I needed for more spiritual connection/expansion (if you listen to it you will know what I mean).

This morning I woke up without a headache ( I had been waking up with headaches for the whole week).

I had the most creative dreams and I was in total flow during my early morning writing session.

I will continue chanting more and listening to this for as long as it feels right to do so and see what new spiritual territories it will reveal.

I want to make it clear that vibrational healing does not work the same as pain killers or allopathic medicine. This means that this is not a course of action for all headaches. Vibrational healing works based on the assumption that no two headaches (to use my experience as an example) are the same. What is important here, is the process of finding clues (awareness) and combining them with inspired action (healing, chanting, meditation, walking, drawing, singing, any action that comes from intuition and inspiration and brings excitement, joy, release, connection/expansion), while maintaining a conscious (and a bit suspicious/investigative) relationship with the mind. And then use the next clues from that to move on to the next inspired action.

Conscious experience. Conscious life. Conscious well being.

I am sharing here the link to Dauchsy’s Life Force Sleeping Meditation


Text by Birds WG (edited notes from my personal journal)

Photo by Birds WG's mum

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