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Here are some of the core values of TFR-Healing showing the "whys" and the " "hows" of how this healing (and pretty much all healing) works:

There are many ways for a person to find their path in life, to heal and to expand to their fullest potential, to be able to enjoy life in to the best of their ability.

Different ways are effective for different people.

Also what is good for one person today might not be good for them tomorrow.

But all these years in the fields of therapy and healing there is one thing that is clear to me that is absolutely necessary if we want to achieve any kind of self-realisation, freedom and happiness, if we want to get the best out of life and create a better world for ourselves and others. This key ingredient to a fulfilling life is "Awareness".

And as with most things in this life, awareness is not a state we can arrive to and then rest on our laurels. It is a process. And as a process it requires ongoing practice.

This how you can practice awareness:

By bringing as much stuff about yourself into your knowledge.

By identifying your emotions and your beliefs.

By becoming curious about the truth-fullness of every thought you have.

By exploring anew all your preferences and dislikes.

By staying with every emotion and sensation long enough to understand it and appreciate it.

By being a detective of past traumas and memories.

By pinpointing your desires and learning how to visualise them.

By learning how to listen to what your body needs, what your body is saying to you.

By shedding light on the patterns that you use in your relationships in order to connect, cover your needs and receive love.

The practice of awareness is not just a means to a better life, it is the definition of a better life. Because it means that we are living consciously and purposefully and because it is in itself an act of self love. It nourishes commitment towards ourselves and it allows us to take responsibility for our lives. And with responsibility comes great Freedom!

Healing is an act of expansion and growth, an act that brings you into alignment with yourself and the rest of the universe (which, as you might already have experienced,  is in fact one and the same thing).

The One to One Healing Sessions I offer combine the act of practicing awareness with the act of opening up the energy flow by releasing resistance, blockages and trauma and raising your vibrational levels. ​ 

Vibrational levels are both affected by and affecting karmic and ancestral conditioning, childhood programming, our relationship role patterns, belief systems, emotional stagnation, physical pain & discomfort. 

They are also being influenced by and influencing manifestations on the world around us: relationships, work, health, synchronicities.

The method I use to perform this vibrational healing (also called energy healing or spiritual healing) consists of two elements:

1) I use Reiki and visualisations to facilitate the opening up of the energy flow through and within the chakras.

2) I use a technique which I have named Thought Form Release Healing (TFR Healing). Working with Thought Forms in TFR Healing is essentially working with visualisations. It comes down to detecting in the energy field the sensory imprint (most of the times it is visual but it might be audiovisual or involve more senses) of the attachment/resistance responsible for the pain or suffering and activating a process of releasing it. The release of the thought form is by nature a vibrational match to the vibration of change and therefore it automatically activates in the person the process of change.

Every time we are releasing our resistance to change we are taking a step closer to our freedom.

Through the combined benefits of practicing awareness and releasing pain we begin to learn how to allow change to take place or at the very least we begin to understand our resistance to this act of surrendering. Working on our vibration, when combined with practicing awareness enables you to come into your own healing power, it creates a deep lasting healing experience and activates a change in your health, your relationships, your career and your life It is not an easy path to choose but it is one designed to lead you straight in the heart of your own freedom,  straight in the heart of inspiration, self esteem, connection, creativity, compassion, fulfillment, purpose, good health & well-being, joyful careers and meaningful relationships. 

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