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This is a light touch energy massage on the feet-hands-head which activates your vital life force and liberates emotional and mental blockages. As a result it activates the body´s healing power and has an enormous impact on what is being manifest!

This is a healing technique that has its origins in reflexology. Specific points on the feet, the hands and the head reflect areas of our spine which correspond to a psychological map associated with our experiences during the prenatal period, from conception until birth.

This technique is a gentle massage on these points on the feet, hands and head to unblock blockages created during this period.

Those first experiences as a fetus are very important for our growth and depending on how they are recorded in our body, they work either as obstacles or as empowering tools that affect all our lives (relationships, work, luck, opportunities, emotions).

The metamorphic massage works on these experiences liberating any blockages that might have occurred during pregnancy or during the moment of our birth, initiating a “metamorphic process” similar to the one occurring to the caterpillar while transforming into a butterfly. This massage restores our vital energy, puts in motion our inner self-healing mechanism, promotes the revelation of our full potential, and because it changes so deeply our attitude towards life, we begin to see big changes in our lives, on a physical level but also on a spiritual, mental, professional, social and personal level.

sessions last approx. 60 min

price 50euros

sessions can be given ONLY in person

at my work space in Amsterdam       @  TACA  /  Willem de Zwijgerlaan 69

home visits are also possible (depending on location travel costs may apply)

*for appointments at Willem de Zwijgerlaan a 10 euros cancellation fee applies 

for cancellations less than 3days prior to the session*


From time to time I give Metamorphic Massage Workshops, during which you learn all the theory and the practice of the Metamorphic Technique so that you can use it on yourself and others.

To find out when and where the next workshop is taking place please stay connected by following my facebook page or by subscribing to my mailing list below!


We cannot have enough healers in this earth (especially for the one we are trying to create!)

Become a Healer for yourself and others!

Let us change the world together.By rising our awareness and our vibration.

By changing the way we see our own growth, our body, our relationships.

By getting closer to our center and our life purpose.

By healing our own emotional traumas and changing our toxic beliefs.

By living intentionally and with commitment to our higher self.

Heart-To-Heart is a concept for growth and self-healing for people and for the earth. We learn from the heart and  from the people that we meet on our path (teachers, mentors, therapists, coaches, authors..) We learn through heart to heart connections, when we are being touched by somebody else´s discoveries, from what touched their heart.

Healing Growth aspires to be a heart to heart healing school offering coaching, support and healing training in the form of courses, workshops, lectures.

To achieve this heart to heart connection all activities are either in small groups or  personalized.

Check out the main menu for more activities, courses and workshops that you can register at this moment

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