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Healing Grasp is a channel for nourishing Personal Growth, Art and Spirituality and promoting good health and well-being for body-mind-soul through holistic healing practices, energy body work and creativity.

Healing Grasp is responsible for nourishing and encouraging healing, personal growth, spiritual connection, personal knowledge and awareness, authenticity, respect, conscious living, creative exploration and expansion, compassion, freedom, transcendental experiences and meaningful, revealing and rewarding encounters with oneself and the Other.

Healing Grasp is committed to supporting the authenticity and spiritual legitimacy of people of all gender identities, sexual orientations and relationship or family structures.

Healing Grasp represents a professional contract of consciously contributing to the creation of the new earth, for peace, happiness and connection, actively empowering people to be closer to their higher, unique selves and to live meaningful rewarding lives from a place of awareness, intentionality, good health and joy.

In Healing Grasp you will find one-to-one healing sessions and coaching as well as workshops, lectures, classes, courses, art projects & retreats.

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